Here is what is going on in Pakistan right now:

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Im literally so fucking sad right now it took me almost an hour to not cry and its all because of my fucking period

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Not bringing any political mess in and who supports who and so on. I’m sure most people are well aware of the situation in Pakistan right now. Posting this purely on the bases of humanity, to ask for prayers for those who have their lives in danger right now. Being in power in whatever way does not provide you a licence to kill people. It’s disgusting how Politics run in our country. May god protect Pakistan!

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Ambulance are’nt allowed to go anymore and the media is being threatened while the injured are being arrested right now. Seriously? I repeat ambulance are not allowed to help the injured and the injured are being arrested.

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Honestly if I had the body I wanted I’d probably dress like a slut Im just saying

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Anonymous asked: I think the issue here actually is why did you reblog something with the URL "shootallwhitepeople"?



Because I think white people deserve to be treated equallyimage


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Please pray for all the innocent people there. Even little kids between the age of 2-10 years have been injured.

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the situation in islamabad, pakistan

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Update pakistan; 
1. They are stopping people from giving blood to protestors who are bleeding out
2. They are forcing doctors not to report number of deaths and injuries
3. They have hit people with real steel bullets instead of rubber one’s
4. They are sending severely injured people home without giving them proper treatment

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Happening Now: Pakistan


Sources to keep you informed and updated about the situation in Pakistan. This list will be continuously updated to include the latest and most reliable sources. Please drop me a message or leave a comment on this post regarding any source which you think should be on the list…

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Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People



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pakistan, ferguson, and palestine 

3 places thousands of miles way from each other each with citizens being murdered or severely injured for gathering PEACEFULLY in order to gain basic human rights.

this is happening simultaneously and yall still fuckin sleep???

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Just call them all nigger!’: School administrators used racial slurs in text messages on district-issued cell phones

Pennsylvania Superintendent Richard Como and Athletics Director Jim Donato had racist conversations on school-issued cell phonesIT technician found the conversations while upgrading the phones and reported themSchool board knew but ‘let the administrators stay in their jobs’Both men resigned in August after the report was leaked to the district attorney, who launched an investigation

Two Pennsylvania school administrators repeatedly referred to black students and teachers by the N-word in text messages they exchanged on cell phones issued by the school district, it has been revealed.

Coatesville Area School District Superintendent Richard Como and Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato, who are both white, are now the subject of a criminal investigation over their use of the racial epithets in text message conversations with each other.

Both administrators resigned from their positions at the end of August, though theChester County Daily Local reports that they were only forced out after the transcripts of the text messages were leaked to the district attorney, who launched a criminal investigation.

The newspaper reports that the school board was prepared to let both men stay in their jobs, even after an IT technician found the text messages and reported them to school officials.

According to a transcript obtained by the Daily Local, the racist exchanges began in June.

In one, Donato sent a message to Como that appears to say all black students should have the same last name.

He wrote: ‘All should just have whatever first names they want…then last name is Nigger!

'Leroy Nigger, Preacher Nigger, Night train niggee, clarence nigger, Latoya nigger, Thelma nigger and so on.'

The superintendent, who has led the district since 2005 and drew a salary of nearly $200,000 last year, responded: ‘Great idea! Joe nigger bill nigger snake nigger got a nice ring to it.’

He added: ‘Could have whole homerooms of nigger!’

The Donato, the athletics director, replied: ‘Hahahahaha! Will Nigger report to the office, pardon the interruption but will nigger report to nurses office. Nigger to lunch now!’

Later, when the superintendent Como was talking about 23 teachers he had to lay off, Donato asked: ‘How many nigger out of 23? Not enough!”

Como replied: ‘Don’t know but think it’s only 4-5. At most until last minute rush of firing by Goo of Phoenix and Kamara.’

'Good hangings there,' Donato responded.

Crisis: Coatesville Area School District, in a Philadelphia suburb, tired to cover up the officials’ use of the racial slurs, according to a report


“Get over slavery, NOBODYS racist anymore” they all show their true colors eventually

That’s disgusting

2014: White people exposing themselves

"the school board was prepared to let both men stay in their jobs"

"the school board was prepared to let both men stay in their jobs"

"the school board was prepared to let both men stay in their jobs"


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scotthorwitch: Im pretty confident this crew would crush the Boyband circuit - Ian & Lip Gallagher on the highs, me on the lows & Zayn from 1D the ringer. The harmonies would be angelic. #factual #lastnightgotweirdfast

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